notes that men often seek remedies for excessive eyebrow, back and chest hair. While laser hair removal is effective, it's also pricey. Shaving your body is much less expensive, and can be done quickly and painlessly at home. Depending on the part of your body that you want to shave, you'll need the right products, tools and techniques in order to give you a smooth and successful shave.


When shaving your chest, make sure that trim down the hair with scissors or a beard trimmer, and soak your skin in warm water first. This will help soften the hair so that it is easier to remove and less likely to result in red bumps. Use a good-quality shave gel for moisture, and shave in a downward motion with a light hand, suggests Avoid the nipple area and moisturize well afterward.


The hair under your arms grows in different directions, so to get the closest shave you'll need to shave against the hair growth when possible. Apply shave gel to the area, working up a good lather. Use a new razor with sharp blades to get the closest shave, and first drag the razor downward as you shave, recommends Then use short side-to-side motions, and finally stroke upward to make sure that you're able to get all of the areas in their various hair growth patterns.


If you need to shave your back, you'll likely need a friend to help you out. If that's not possible, look for razors with special telescoping handles to reach your back, and makes sure that you shave with your back to the mirror, looking over your shoulder. Reach around with your free hand to pull the skin taut under your arm for the closest shave possible.


While plucking is generally recommended for removing the hair around the eyebrows, you may find it to be painful. Only shave eyebrows where you don't need to be precise; a razor may take too much hair off. But shaving eyebrows can get rid of the pesky hairs between eyebrows for a cleaner look. If possible, use only a little soap to shave, so you can see clearly what you're shaving. Shave cream might cover too much of the area, resulting in too much hair being removed.


If you feel the need for some grooming around the pubic area, remember to be extremely careful when shaving. Exfoliate the area first to soften the hairs, and always use a brand-new razor. Shave in the same direction as the hair growth, since the pubic area is susceptible to ingrown hairs, notes Once you shave your pubic hair, the new growth will likely be itchy, so shave as often as every two or three days to keep the area smooth and itch-free.