I was intrigued when she said she was looking for a hair remover.

When she went on to ask me what I thought about a full body shave, I have to admit I was at a loss for words. Having said that she blushed and walked away.

I can't help wondering what is going on I her mind. The words "hair remover" and "full body shave" are echoing in my mind.

Maybe she has found a boyfriend - somehow this makes me uncomfortable.

We have known each other since kids; we have shared our our thoughts all our lives. We have played together. We trust each other completely.

Our parents had finally stopped making stupid remarks about "us" and what a pretty "couple" we would make.

When she fell in love, she told me all about him. He was an idiot but I couldn't say anything about it.

We went to the same school; our parents took us on the same vacations.

The first time I shaved, she was the one who noticed and was as impressed as I was.

There were times, I admit, when we found it awkward to speak about certain things. I felt embarrassed when my voice broke.

I was also very impressed when her breasts began to grow - and nearly said something, but luckily held back. (She slapped another kid who mentioned something about them).

We talked about everything and everyone, but now we are both seventeen, we seem to have these long silences.

Before now it usually meant I had found a new bug and she would wait patiently until I got over it; or she had decided on some boring girlish activity and I would wait for her.

Over the last couple of years we have spent more time talking about our likes and dislikes, what we want to do when we leave school. We both want to go to Europe for a summer and travel around.

But lately when we see each other we don't really know what to say. We are the best of friends still, but she seems annoyed with me now I have been going out with Sue. (And Sue is always going on about her).

Now she asked what I thought about hair removers and full body shaves - we both felt really strange.

For a moment I felt relieved as she walked away without waiting for an answer. She didn't get very far before she started running. I felt very strange as I noticed she ran so gracefully with her hair flowing behind hair.

I had never looked at her like that, but now her reaction and the question she asked made me see her in a different way.

We didn't see each other for a couple of days, which is strange as we live next door and take the same bus to school every day. Apparently she had being taking a ride with one of her girlfriends.

When I asked her at school what she had been doing, she told me something about a science project, then she turned away saying she was in a hurry. I just stood there, but couldn't help noticing how good she looked as she ran.

That afternoon I got into a terrible fight with my father. I can't even remember what it was about. I only know that I have been feeling really strange the last few days.

I went to the river, under the bridge where we used to get together as kids. I half expected to find her there as this was our secret place. But no, it was empty. The sounds of the river were very soft and every so often the bridge moaned as a car passed over.

I was no longer angry at my father, I just felt sad, as if I had lost something or someone. I threw a few pebbles into the river, but soon got bored with that.

I began to daydream with her question echoing in my mind. Hair removers. Body shaving. Who was behind this?

She appeared suddenly. We were both surprised, and as she started to go I stood up and apologized. I have no idea why. She didn't either because she laughed. For the first time in many days were were no longer awkward with each other.

She sat down beside me, allowing me to talk. When ever I start telling her what I think, I never really know when to stop. I soon said something about disliking the idea she might be getting a body shave for someone else. I have no idea how I blurted that out - but once I did, I froze.

For a second she just stared at me - and I thought I had said too much. She then leaned over and kissed me. Our first kiss.

I suddenly knew our parents had always been right about us.

Oh, as for the questions regarding hair removers and full body shave, I'll leave that to your imagination and our delight.