Summary: Before shaving your armpits, be sure to trim the hair for a closer, less irritated shave, and cleanse the area to soften the hair follicles. Consider hairless underarms to reduce body odor using the Gillette Fusion razor.

Video Transcript

"An empty stable smells better than a full one. It is no secret armpits can get a little ripe. That is because armpit hair, and sweat combined promotes the growth of odor causing bacteria. More and more guys are shaving their armpits. Before you shave yours, you need to trim the hair under your arms. While in the shower, cleanse with body wash to help soften the hair. Next, place a hand on top of your head, and lather on some shave gel. The Gillette Fusion's comfort guard will gently stretch the skin for a close, comfortable shave with or against the grain. Use smooth light strokes. Let the razor do it's job. Underarm hair grows in all directions so you can shave with or against the grain. You may want to wait a few minutes before applying deodorant. Shaving your armpits is great for minimizing odor, and evens out your look if you shave your chest. There you have it. Now it is your turn."